HR Benefit Program Management

& Administration Assistance

Pegasus Financial Group, Inc. offers full administrative services during the hiring and termination process. Here is the condensed list of services and administrative support we offer to the Human Resources department:

  • Designing and professional printing customized benefit booklet that is revised on an annual basis.

  • Designing unified enrollment forms and rate sheets based on each class.

  • Offering full support from electing physicians, answering questions in regards to one’s particular situation, and collection of necessary information to enroll an employee.

  • Entering all benefit selections with different carriers and providing HR with the completion of task confirmation.

  • Providing payroll department with the deduction matrix which includes employee’s effective date, coverage selected, total monthly premium, employer’s total monthly cost and employees per pay share of cost.

  • Assisting HR with any claims related questions, issues and resolution of outstanding claims.

  • Furnishing HR with different letter templates to relief the administration burden of creating different request letters for each circumstance.

  • Terminating employees in all carriers’ systems, ordering cobra and mailing conversion forms upon report of a termination by HR.

  • Colleting NGE cobra reports and processing cobra activation/termination. These reports are provided by NGE to HR.

  • Supporting the needs of cobra participants with claims, benefit elections, system use and other maintenance services i.e transition to Cal-Cobra.

  • Online Benefit Integration is also available upon request- There might be a monthly charge for this program.