You need errors and omissions or E&O (Professional Liability Coverage) if you are in the business of providing a service or advice to clients for a fee. 

At Pegasus Capital & Insurance Services, Inc we work with clients in just about every type of operation and virtually of every size. We cover Attorneys, Realtor, Doctors, Engineers, Consultants, Software Engineers, etc. We Insure printers and building-trades contractors, such as electricians, plumbers and designers alike. 

Your Professional Liability coverage should be tailored to your business and your specific risks, it should also cover your salaried and hourly employees and subcontractors working on behalf of your business. 

It is important that your policy is customized to meet the specific needs of your business and industry. For example: If your business is classified in the wrong category, your may have a gap in coverage. An electrician contractor has different risks than a designer or architect or a hair stylist... or a printer. They all have the need for Liability insurance, yet each needs a completely different type of policy.   

How to determine which policy and what coverage should be included? 

Make sure you work with an experienced Insurance Professional to assist you in this process. At Pegasus Capital & Insurance Services we specialize in working with business owners of all types of industries, trades and professions. Contact us today for a no obligation FREE consultation. 

Who needs E&O or Professional Liability Insurance?

Some of the different types of Professional Liability policies: 

E&O or Errors & Omissions

Employment Practices Liability

Medical Malpractice

Accountants Liability

Chiropractor Specialty E&O Programs

Realtor and Insurance Professionals E&O

At Pegasus Capital & Insurance Services, Inc. we are experts when it comes to representing you assuring you obtain fair pricing for the right coverage. When in need of Professional Liability, Management risks and or Errors & Omissions, we can help! 

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